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About Us

We are the team

of creative & dedicated professionals

Our Philosophy

Based in Mohali, Punjab, ActiveCraft has a philosophy of being "customer oriented" where, we work like person-to-person rather than working as business-to-Business.

Our Work

We help smaller, medium and big companies in having their web presence in professional manner. We have a team of artistic web designers, dependable project managers, specialized marketing team, and skilled quality testers.


is a full-service software development company founded in 2003. We specialize in web design, web application development, digital marketing, ecommerce application development, and logo design.

The company develops and improves professional websites for customers across a wide range of industries, real estate, entertainment, education, consulting, hospitality, pharma and more.

We have provided creative and unique web designing and development solutions to different challenges to clients all over the world. Our main priority is to satisfy our clients since our inception as a website design and development company.


Precision is the primary thing that you will see in us. We concentrate on our strong aspects and not try to become jack for all the trades. We only focus on the solutions that we can provide.


We are making efforts to earn money not only for us but for you also! We are running our business and you are also making investments in your website from which you can earn some money also.


Flexibility and compliance are very important for any business. We know that we must deliver, and for that we must be flexible also. Our sources are trained from the very first day for it.

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