Web 2.0 solution

The web2.0 enables internet marketing or web marketing with text. It can contain audio, video, mobile promotion and social networking too. The focus of the Web 2.0 Division is to get your product and service messages into the everyday lives of the internet public at lower costs than traditional media outlets.

Web 2.0 Design:-

Web 2.0 is covered with making the data available to your users. For web designers it is special. If you've spent the your long time of period learning how to create the super web pages, you're not lost in Web 2.0, but you need to start thinking broader. How you can use your content in not matter but how your content can merge with other content to create a sum greater than the parts. Most of the people realize at a Website and can response immediately that it's a Web 2.0 website. But how do they do that? And these design elements can be learned so that your applications look and feel more like Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 Development:-

Web 2.0 is something like a combination of the technology, like AJAX that allowing the users to actually interact with the information. Web 2.0 is starting to define the situation where amateur writers and developers are capable to build Websites that get more credibility than software vendors. This combination of powerful JavaScript tools enabling the user to contribute to and interact with the data that we are actually using the web2.0 environment. ActiveCraft.com has setup group of experts in web 2.0 development to provide the greatest and latest technologies to its customers. Our experienced designers are creating best web 2.0 designs fro a longer time of period.


WordPress as a popular blogging tool and it is a powerful platform to develop the website with full flow of its (website) requirement. Many of today's prominent technical and political blogs rely on it to support their ever-growing user bases.

WordPress is looking like a website with suffix (.wordpress). It is ideal for many blogging sites and its Content Management System can even be added to sites that are already built. The system enables you too quickly and easily blog and to incorporate default themes to provide your site with a different look and feel.