Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications or RIAs are usually called as the new age of the Web Application Development. The existence of the RIAs is the latest development in the internet technology allowing the web applications to work like the desktop applications.

In our universal business environment, clients have become more challenging than ever in the business history. Brand reliability is ever more difficult to get and sustain from the technology prospective. Creating superior customer appointments are the key to success of any organization. RIAs offer the opportunity of engaging clients by doing dynamic, useful, and pleasing interactions.

Rich Internet Applications merge web application features with the finest user interface desktop applications functionalities. They're quicker, user-friendly and don't need continuous page submission associated with the web-based applications.

Activecraft is concentrating more on offering a wide-ranging RIA development services. The mixture of in-depth technology knowledge and dedication towards clients' success provides us a distinctive advantage when comes to producing vigorous RIA solutions. Activecraft has plenty of experience in building affluent internet applications having interactive features, perfect functionalities and client-oriented approach.

Activecraft Rich Internet Application skills consist of:

  • ctionScript 3.0
  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flex
  • AJAX Development
  • BlazeDS
  • Java
  • LiveCycle
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL

Advantages of RIAs

RIAs provide organizations with a proven and gainful way of delivering high level functionalities and bring real business advantages:

  • Fast, powerful, and user-friendly
  • Offer consistent and inventive solutions with the objective to serve your distinctive business requirements
  • Make complicated processes easier; operate significantly quicker than conventional Web applications, accordingly speeding up online interaction of customers with the website
  • Provide distinctive interactive experience for the users without disturbing them from the main objective
  • Offer users with more affluent and engaging experience as well as increases user efficiency
  • Better conversion rates, customer loyalty, and more profits
  • Supports sophisticated data visualization like graphical presentation and charts of data

The "Knockout" Factor

Rich Internet Applications symbolize majority of desktop application characteristics while offering user interface, which is more reactive than a conventional application. RIA Web Application Development from Activecraft allows businesses to offer a superior level of services to clients, improve efficiency, and use superior communication systems whereas offering an interactive and premium web occurrence. Rich Internet Applications are normally used for delivering features like online games, word processors, and videos to the users.

Rich Internet Applications produced by Activecraft experts offer clients with outstanding scalability, accessibility, and portability. The end user will enjoy state-of-the-art experience, which includes superior design, reliability, and performance.

Why Activecraft?

  • Cost-Effective Development: You will get compound and quality enriched internet applications at reasonable prices by our distributed development lineup.
  • Outstanding Performance: Your Ajax applications will be specially designed for preventing memory leaks.
  • Easy Protection: Your enriched internet Ajax application will be easy to scale and enhance.
  • With the combination of our knowledge in animation, programming, and designing of RIAs, we help organizations by producing interactive and engaging applications that create an unforgettable experience for our audience.

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