Activecraft is a STPI Registered Company

Located in Mohali, India Activecraft is a specialized organization offering you custom-made and well-timed solutions for all your requirements. Our highly experienced and qualified professionals at Activecraft provide different services like web application development, Ecommerce website design, expert SEO services, and mobile applications development services, which can match with your business persona online and assist you optimizing your ROI (Return on Investment).

Activecraft is a professional web designing company in Mohali providing services to countless customers globally with their designs.

ActiveCraft enabling enterprises Offers a full range of enterprise architecture services

Website & Ecommerce Development

Professionally Designed & Developed website for your Business & Ecommerce

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ios / android / Facebook App Development

Reach out & engage potential Users & Customers over their Mobile Devices

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SEO / SEM / Internet

Enhance ROI with SEO, SEM, Facebook & Google ads, PPC, Emailers & online campaigns

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Software Development Process

We follow waterfall model in which developers have to follow steps in this order

Software Requirements Specification

SRS (Software Requirements Specification) is the description of software systems to be extended, explaining functional as well as non-working requirements including use cases, which describe interactions that users have with software.

System Designing

System designing is the procedure of defining components, modules, architecture, data, and interfaces for the system to persuade particular requirements. System designing might be appeared as the use of system's philosophy to the product development.


When the designing is completed, all major decisions regarding the system are taken. The objective of coding is to decode the system design into code with definite programming language. The coding period affects both maintenance and testing intensely. A fine written code lessens the maintenance and testing efforts. As the maintenance and testing expenditure of the software is much more than coding expenditure, the objective of coding is to decrease the maintenance and testing efforts. Effortlessness and precision should be endeavored throughout the coding period.


Deployment of software makes software system accessible for apply. The common deployment procedure consists of numerous interrelated activities having possible evolutions between them. All these activities may take place on the producer's side or on the customer's side or may be both.

Our Work

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